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We Offer a Wide Variety of Services:


All Services Performed by an ASHI Certified Inspector

ASHI members follow a part in the regular exchange of professional experiences and ideas to support each other. ASHI comprehensive Standards of Practice and are bound by a strict Code of Ethics. The membership takes maintains an industry blog, Inspection Forum, and local Chapters in support of this exchange of information. ASHI provides its members with other means of direct and membership-wide communication to further their understanding of their particular roles in the inspection industry and how best to serve their clients. The benefits of this cross-communication enhance the members’ ability to build their businesses and develop specialized ancillary services.

In fulfilling this fundamental objective of training and mentoring its inspector-members, ASHI's broader mission is to educate homeowners by helping them to understand the functions, materials, systems and components of their properties. ASHI inspectors are committed to providing consistent, accessible and trusted information to their clients about their properties' condition.